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klutz a winter weather in advisory for much of the area in place until tomorrow morning. >> what should we expect tonight? let's check in with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> watch very closely as temperatures hover near freezing and light precipitation moves through the area. it's not a major events, but it will only take a little bit of precipitation to cause problems. bwi marshall down to 30. below freezing in westminster. south and east, not as much of a problem. in northern baltimore county, howard, frederick, be on alert out for icy patches. this could be mixed at times with some freezing rain. will all be gone in time for tomorrow and the weekend action shows some improvement. >> we will see you then. you can always try to the storms and the time and you can see
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interactive radar in full screen and get the updated forecast every day at tonight, the sweeping gun control bill is heading to the floor, but not without some changes. >> last night's vote sends it to the senate floor for debate. david collins joins us live from annapolis. the changes that were made, are they significant? >> this is going to sound like a political answer, but it depends on who you ask. they say it makes it better but it is still unconstitutional piece of legislation. >> the final assault weapon. >> discussion on the sweeping gun control legislation lasted nearly five hours. after making several changes, they voted 7-4 in favor of sending it to the senate floor. >> there's a lot of things in that bill i don't like.
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>> they will be safer with all of this. i think we came wiup with an excellent product. can be appealed? yes. >> one thing may have prevented the university of maryland student being able to purchase guns. the bill now proposes anyone involuntarily committed to a public or private mental health facility for any length of time is prohibited from buying a gun. it reduces the gun licensing fee and the renewal fee from $100 to $20. the time frame went from five years to 10. the required eight hours of training has been reduced to four. maryland state police will have the authority of to regulate gun shops including auditing sales records. they loosened restrictions on so-called copycat weapons. the bill now allows the firearms to have one of copycat feature.
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mike miller says, as amended, it sends a chilling message to legitimate gun dealers. thats the bottom line is this bill will indirectly drive gun dealers, legitimate gun dealers, out of business. >> they became so frustrated by the lack of interest that they stop offering amendments setting the stage for a fierce floor fight. >> it tramples allover everyone's a second amendment rights. i do not know what part of a "don't and french" we don't understand. -- "don't infringe" they don't understand. >> it will land in the senate monday night. debate and more attempts to change it could begin as early as tuesday. a house committee will begin publicly working on the bill march 1st. live from annapolis, david
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collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> lawmakers pushed through a bill to repeal the death penalty. after passing a senate committee 6-5, it will now go before the full senate. the capital punishment law was put on hold in 2006 when their world they did not have the proper protocol to carry it out. they are expecting a heated debate as it moves on to the full senate floor. the maryland offshore wind energy act now heads to the senate finance committee after a was passed by members of the house of delegates. this will set up a market driven process to incentivize the construction of ocean-based wind turbines 10 miles or more off the coast of ocean city. it is as divided to provide maryland with jobs, healthy air, and more stable energy costs. the vote was 86-48 and they're expected to take up the measure next tuesday.
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laura newman seemed stunned when she was chosen as the new anne arundel county executive. she was sworn in this morning replacing the disgraced john leopold. lowell melser join us now from annapolis with the very latest. quite she beat out 15 other republican candidates, some with a lot of political experience last night here in anne arundel county. nobody really knows who she is. who is laura newman? >> the name is unknown to me. >> the the more you of all? >> a little bit considering what has happened in the past. >> last time they elected a new can executive. >> the one no one knows anything about. -- last night, the elected a new county executive. she was sworn in this morning
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replacing the disgraced former executive john leopold. >> my mission is one of excellence. we have more to offer the state of maryland. >> her out story is interesting. she never graduated college or high school but later earned her ged and convinced loyola to admit her to the mba program. she also told the council that she was a rape victim. before accepting her new job, she had been the ceo of the howard county economic authority. the howard county executive, but a democrat, appointed her. >> i encouraged her to do what she thought is right. she loves anne arundel county. very few people get a chance to govern in the place they live. "she admits she has a tough job ahead. those in the county are not too optimistic. >> my husband said she is from anne arundel county, but she has been working in howard.
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how much does she really know about what we need it? >> others are putting faith in the council to do the right thing. >> i guess i will put my faith in the council. >> she will serve the remaining 22-month term that john leopold, the former executive, left behind. no word on whether she will seek reelection at the end of the term. will meltzer. >> two people found dead inside a burning car, but tonight it's not known if they died as a result of the fire or something else. barry simms is live at city police headquarters with the late breaking details. >> the police say that there are calling these deaths suspicious and they're hoping autopsy results will help identify the
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victims and determine how they died. broken glass, all that remains in a car fire in the 1800 block of clifton avenue near north monroe street in baltimore. this sound, just before 5:00 friday morning, startled william and he checked through the house. >> the car was smoking and making all these popping sounds. >> he noticed there was a door open in the passenger side and he called 911. >> the door was open. i just told them the car was on fire. i did not see anybody. "shortly after, the firefighters discovered this was more than a car fire. >> they found a vehicle that was engulfed and members of the fire department were able to distinguish the fire. upon doing so, they discovered two dead bodies inside the vehicle. >> week primarily believe it to
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be smoke inhalation, but the cause of death will be determined by the state medical examiner. but she bought -- >> she thought she saw the car earlier. >> i saw the car around 12:00 last night. "she said it was parked, clifton. they will try to find out how long the car had been in the area. >> we will be canvassing the area trying to determine. >> they have a myriad of questions they want answers to, and i'm sure they would go through their proper channels and during potential witnesses, spectators to gather that material. >> police are asking anyone who saw any. suspicious or he may have anything to help to call the homicide unit. the number is 410-396-2100. once again -- 410-396-2100.
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barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is now official. the center of our super bowl gm and baltimore ravens is calling it a career of matt burke retires. >> it never hurts to have a winning super bowl laws were last game. >> going out on top. he refused to address his future as a raven because the did not want the attention. upon finally making the decision to retire, he did so out an elementary school where he has been a regular visitor for years. there he is with his son at the super bowl. he made it much more about them. not surprising for the six-time pro bowl and nfl man of the year. done thisson you've here today is because i have
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enjoyed playing football, but as much as playing, i have enjoyed doing this as an nfl player. if it's truly an honor. to cap the this with a super bowl win, that's a great thing. >> we did get one tear out of him today. he played 15 seasons in the nfl, the last four in baltimore. but he says he has no specific idea what he will do next. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 sports. >> what an interesting guy. >> classy. one weekend counting. >> president and lawmakers running the clock on another big deadline. >> a mixed bag of rain and sleet tonight.
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>> more pressure on congress to reach a budget deal. >> one week until across-the- board spending cuts kick in but there still deadlocked. as nikole killion reports, it is becoming an all too familiar story. >> another manufactured crisis. from countdown clocks to hastag headlines. >> obstruction emulate. >> this is not the distractions. people will lose their jobs.
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>> been there, done that. doing it again. >> the days of 11-sharron negotiations are over. >> the fiscal cliff and now the sequester. >> manufactured crisis is unnecessary. >> it curtailed this past week on capitol hill, but when lawmakers return on monday the cycle starts all over again. >> the thing can happen until there is the maximum political pressure. >> no one knows better than jim manly, be used to work with harry reid. >> there is a lack of willingness to compromise on the hill. nothing has to happen until it absolutely positively has to happen. >> partisan politicking? the new normal? >> we hope the legislators would be able to put politics aside, sit at the table, and coming to an agreement. >> they have until march 1st to
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make a detailed. hope springs eternal. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> temperatures have been hovering around freezing all they long. really made it to 33 this afternoon. it's been kind of an interesting weather pattern will fly precipitation moving into temperatures. we have to be on the lookout for slick spots for the rest of the light. 7 as the record low today. close to freezing summit just above. randallstown, 33. columbia, and 34. bwi marshall, 31.
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it depends on where you are and can cause a dramatic change in the weather. be very much on the lookout where we see widespread areas below the freezing point. that is where the weather service has the advisory in effect. bwi is below freezing now. about everybody on the western side of the they could have an icy patch or two. it dumped a foot and a half of snow in the midwest. it is moving through here in a much weaker fashion and precipitation as light near freezing. with 29-34, temperature range for the next few hours, light rain and sleet could cause a slick spot on the cold air services in the area. a new one is forming down to the
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south. it will produce more significance know. cleveland is warmer than we are right now. tomorrow, even though the storm will be stronger and precipitation more a significant, it will be warmer and anticipating rain. it's beautiful finish for the weekend and milder temperatures. the clear skies lasting into the morning. on the day, gust of 20 knots.
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a couple of scattered flurries on sunday. generally light rain tonight into tomorrow before will clear up on sunday. all clear on the coast with high temperatures around 50. 46 tomorrow, 48 on sunday. the next former arriving tuesday with rain, sleet, and snow. >> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is 11 sports. >> met burke had the reputation of a man who knew what to do and when to do it. he does what most pro athletes only dream about, like ray lewis, he goes out a super bowl champion.
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he believed to get a better chance to make it. made his announcement at an elementary school today. he may find that he misses a relatively relaxing day of only having to block offensive tackles instead of being at home with his six kids. >> that moment, it was like half an hour or whatever, but that moment, we had that forever. that's a great thing. >> the ravens prepared for today's announcement last year when they drafted a center in
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the fourth round. he had the full year to work with matt burke and will get the first chance to win the open center job. he has postseason experience. he said that until he has played in postseason for the first time, he had no idea how hard it would be just to breathe. for the first time in his career, adam jones knows exactly what it takes to play all the way until october. the lessons from last october -- breathe, stay in your game, stay focused on your goals. >> consistency. concentrating on what got us there. just one ever got us there,
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maintaining that. >> its armed like tom tasselmyer is approach to the seven-day forecast which he has coming up next.
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>> demanding more transparency
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as police continue the criminal must addition into a now deceased down ecologist accused of secretly photographed in email patients. groups are pressuring for more information on behalf of the patients. customers will be paying more. what's behind the new entries that will kick in in a matter of hours. these stories and much more on
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>> i see the rain but i hear in
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this league. >> be careful driving around tonight. -- bu
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